If you want to spend a lot of money on food and drain your bank account on drinks, this would be the place to do that.

Montana used to be known as a state where you could get a great quality meal and tasty beverage for a low price, but over time that has changed. Prices have gone up not only in real estate but in restaurants and bars recently. Even some dive bars have increased their prices locally. The real question is, where is the most expensive place to drink? It's close to Bozeman.

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The place with the most expensive drinks in Montana is Horn & Cantle in Big Sky, Montana. We've talked about Horn & Cantle recently, with them being one of the most expensive restaurants in Montana. We decided to take a peek at their drinks menu, and it's eye-opening. 

Horn and Cantle via Facebook
Horn and Cantle via Facebook

If you plan on going to Horn & Cantle, make sure you've planned ahead financially. The drink menu looks normal, and then you set your eyes on the Reserve section, and there is a cocktail that is $275. That price is due to the Macallan Whiskey 18 Year that's involved. If you want to have that scotch by itself, it's still $210. Then there's the wine section.

If you aren't about cocktails or beers, the wine will cost you, depending on the pour. One wine flight costs $82, but if you want a straight pour of any wine available, you could be paying $113 for a six-ounce pour! That is pricey. 

Horn and Cantle via Facebook
Horn and Cantle via Facebook

We aren't saying Horn & Cantle isn't worth the price because their dinner menu is something I would love to try one day. I bet the Florentine Steak that is $265 is buttery tender and divine to eat. 

Maybe one day. 

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