Montana voters have voted in support of Constitutional Initiative CI-118 and Initiative  No. 190.

According to current results on, 58% of Montana voters support CI-118.

CI-118 changes the Montana state constitution to allow a legal age to be established for the consumption and purchase of cannabis. Which means cannabis will be regulated similar to how alcohol is regulated in the state. It sets 21 years of age as the minimum legal age for marijuana consumption.

The strongest support for CI-118 was in Missoula County, with 69% of voters. Gallatin County wasn't far behind with 65%. Not all counties in Montana supported CI-118. For example, In Petroleum County in central Montana, 63% of voters said "No" to the initiative.

The second initiative, I-190 received similar results among Montana voters, with 57% in support of the initiative.

Montana I-190 legalizes the possession and use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. It also establishes 20% tax on non-medical marijuana sales. This will create millions of dollars in new tax revenue for Montana that will be used to support Montana's veterans, fund conservation programs, and support long term health care. It is estimated that the initiative will generate about $48 million annually by 2025.

The initiative will also allow Montana's existing medical marijuana providers and other Montana businesses to expand and create new jobs. It also requires that marijuana provider licenses can only be issued to Montana residents. Neither initiative permits driving under the influence of Marijuana in Montana.

In addition to Montana, voters in Arizona, New Jersey, and South Dakota legalized marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana is now legalized in 15 states across the country.

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