There is clearly a lot of competition going on with the Cats vs. Bison National Championship game coming up on Saturday. The MSU Bookstore decided they wanted in on some of the fun too! Montana State University (Bobcats) is challenging the North Dakota State University (Bison) Bookstore to a friendly competition. Check it out below!

The first competition is:
Whichever school sells more of THESE tee-shirts will win a $250 dollar textbook scholarship paid for by the other school.

The second competition is:
Whichever school sells more LOGO gear, will win a $250 dollar textbook scholarship paid for by the other school.

We all love a friendly "go around" with the opposing team and this is a great way to support the team, the school, and the bookstore. The new "throwback" 1984 tees and hoodies are super cute and limited.

You can find all of the Bobcat gear you could want right HERE.

As we all know, the last time the Bobcats played in a National Championship game was 37 years ago in 1984. In celebration of that, the bookstore released a vintage collection that has the old-school Bobcat Logo.

There are many different locations that you can watch the game at right here in Montana. HERE is a list of the go-to locations to watch our Bobcat in Frisco, Texas.

As always, you can listen to the National Championship Game Right here on your Official Bobcat Station, The Home Of Bobcat Football, 100.7 XL Country.

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