Montana Vehicle Division started offering the REAL ID driver's license on Monday, January 7th.  These REAL ID's look just like your regular driver's license but they also have a gold star in the upper right-hand corner of the license.  However, the gold star isn't the only difference.  The REAL ID will cost an extra $50 if you're outside of the renewal period and the REAL ID can be used to fly domestically and access certain federal facilities.

So when do you need a REAL ID to fly domestically?  A REAL ID or other TSA approved form of photo identification (like a passport) will be needed beginning October 1st of 2020.  Beginning October 1, 2020 your regular driver's license will not be sufficient to fly within the U.S., to access certain federal facilities or nuclear power plants.

You can update your license by making an appointment or by visiting MVD's REAL ID website.  Don't forget to be prepared for your appointment with the required documents found here.



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