It may sound like a joke headline, but this a real news story: The Helena Parks and Rec department is doing an active search for a missing sasquatch. Helena Parks and Rec director Amy Teegarden explains.

“One of our sasquatches was taken from our open land system this week and we are in search to recover him,” Teegarden said. “He is about 6’9”. He is covered in hair. He has very large feet and he is a little friendly than you would think. He doesn’t run from you if you approach him.”

These Sasquatch can’t run, because they are just corrugated plastic cut-outs. Teegarden says they are set up on local climbing trails to encourage the public to get out and enjoy their local public spaces.

“We put up warning signs cautioning hikers that extreme fun was ahead and that if they did encounter sasquatch, not to be alarmed, but to get out their cameras and take a picture,” Teegarden said. “One of the ways that we secured these plastic cut outs was through a cord system and a lock to a tree. We launched this program in early June and we haven’t had any trouble with people vandalizing or taking them. In fact, it has been really popular and people have had fun with it.”

Photo Courtesy of Helena Parks and Rec via Facebook

The cord that held the missing Sasquatch, was cut, apparently with wire-cutters and now Helena Parks and Rec is asking for the public to help finding the stolen property. Teegarden says they would be pleased if the cut-out was just returned and they don’t plan on taking any legal action.

Photo Courtesy of Helena Parks and Rec via Facebook