A trial is under way in Livingston in the case of a California man who sued a Montana outfitting business after he was mauled by a bear during an October 2007 hunting trip.

During opening arguments Monday, attorney Mark Carman told jurors they would be asked to decide if Montana Guide Service of Gardiner fulfilled its professional obligation to Virgil Massey of Barstow, Calif.

Carman told jurors that a grizzly bear swiped Massey's face, removing his nose, destroying his sinuses and tear ducts, pulling his left eyeball out of its socket and breaking his jaw. He said his client's medical bills total about $245,000 so far.

Paul Sandry, the guide service's attorney, said the mauling was
a tragic accident.

The Livingston Enterprise reports the trial was scheduled to last through today.

Source:  AP

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