I was browsing through Hulu the other day looking for something to watch and came across a movie that piqued my interest.

I've long been a fan of movies based in Montana, and when I read that this particular movie was filmed here, I decided to check it out.  Not to mention that I've always been intrigued with the subject matter and the person the movie is based upon.

The movie, which premiered in 2021 is titled Ted K and you've probably already guessed is about Montana's most famous serial killer, Ted Kaczynski.

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Kaczynski, who was captured just outside of Lincoln, Montana back in 1996 died in June of 2023 in a prison cell.  Before the world knew him by his name, he was simply known as "The Unabomber".

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The movie is based on Kaczynski's own words found in his journals that were retrieved by law officials after his capture and allows viewers to see inside the mind of a man who was the center of one of the largest manhunts the world has ever known.

The film focuses on Kaczynski's hate of the modern world and those whom he viewed as part of the problem.  Known for his "Manifesto" which was released and published in multiple news outlets, Kaczynski goes on about how technology and the modern world will be the downfall of humankind making it so that people depend on devices rather than their own minds.

As mentioned, the movie was filmed here in Montana including parts of the movie being filmed on the land that Kaczynski once called home. So for those interested in the history of the man who would become Montana's most famous serial killer, it might be worth checking out.

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