According to a recent study, Montana ranked last when it comes to safety for teenage drivers.

Alexander Milanese

All of the wide open spaces in the Treasure State could be a factor in the low ranking. In bigger cities, with a stop light at every intersection, drivers are used to stop-and-go traffic. That's not the case in most of Montana. recently released 2017's Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers. Motor-vehicle accidents continue to be the leading cause of death among the population aged 16 to 19, which also happens to be the age group with the highest risk of crashes.

Montana ranks dead last when it comes to safety for teen drivers. WalletHub analyzed the teen-driving environment in each of the 50 states using a collection of 21 key metrics. When it comes to teen driving safety and driving laws, Montana came in at #48 in the nation. Montana is tied with Mississippi at #49 when ranking most teen driver fatalities per teen population.

To read the entire study, click here.

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