I would like to preface this story by stating that I don't normally watch the BachelorI've been watching Season 22 because a friend of mine is one of the girls competing to get married in front of a national audience.

Krystal Nielson, who is originally from Missoula, Montana, has become one of the leading ladies on the Bachelor. Last week, Arie, a 36-year-old former race car driver who is the current Bachelor, took Krystal to Arizona on a private plane to show her where he lived, and introduce her to his parents. After that, all of the other girls on the show began to turn against Krystal due to the fact that they felt she was becoming the favorite.

Paul Hebert via Getty Images

I have somewhat of a connection to Krystal. Her and I worked together in radio for a stint in Boise, Idaho. We were also in an independent film together back in 2010 called All Night. She was in the movie, but I'm pretty sure it's because she was dating one of my friends, who also happened to be one of the writers for the movie.

Here are some photos from All Night:

(Marquee outside of the Egyptian Theater. Boise, Idaho)

(All Night movie poster)

(On the red carpet. I am the short guy on the right. Current Bachelor contestant, Krystal Nielson is just right of center in the white dress.)