You can imagine the surprise on some Billing's Montana parents' faces when their student came home from school and said, "we are kicked out of McDonald's".

That was just the case for these parents when they found out about a note that had been hung on the fast food chain's door.

Just this week, the McDonald's in Billings, the one located at Central Avenue and 24th Street West, the one that is conveniently located right across from West High School, apparently put up notices stating that students were no longer going to be allowed in the lobby from 10 AM to 2 PM.

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Now usually when something like this takes place, it's because of an unexpected incident that sparked some sort of controversy. That is not necessarily the case for this Billings McDonalds. These notices were put up out of concern for the safety of the staff. So I guess they were placed on the doors as some sort of precautionary tactic.

Obviously this irritated some parents who then took to some of the local Billings social media pages asking if this was even legal. Is it discrimination? What about the parents who homeschool their children, or who take classes online, are they also not allowed to used the fast food restaurant during those hours?


As a parent of a teenager, I can see how, for some businesses, having a group of kids pile in over a one or two hour span can be annoying, but that's part of owning a business right? The lunch hour rush. Some kids these days are a bit disrespectful when out of the eye of authority, but I also find it odd that this particular location would say no to money.

Would you be surprised if after closing from 10 AM to 2 PM every weekday lasted more than a month? I certainly would be.

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