Nine in ten women are critical of other mothers on almost every aspect of their parenting.

A study found 88 percent of women can't stop themselves looking down on others who do not do things 'their way'.

The biggest cause of judgment was poorly behaved children, which 66% of mothers disapprove of.

That was closely followed by breast-feeding too late (42%), letting a child get fat (36%) and feeding them too much junk food.

Mothers told the researchers that even when visiting another family's home they could not resist sizing up everything from their furniture to how clean the place was.

They said that it was part of a constant 'unspoken competition' which exists between parents, even though no one will publicly acknowledge it.

The study for NBC of 26,000 mothers found that just 12 percent did not judge other mothers as it was 'their business what they do with their kids.'

I admit, I judge sometimes.  My biggest problem is when kids are not respectful of others, or their parents.  I get the dirty house!