You all know what a "shart" is, right?  Well, my sister, who is married with no kids, called today and told me her horrifying story.  She was standing in line at the grocery store, items on the conveyer belt, when a woman who was in line said excuse me and walked off.  First, she said she noticed the smell, then the evidence on the woman's sweatpants.  My sister was HORRIFIED.  She got out her pocket perfume and rolled it under her nose while gagging the entire time.  Now you can tell we are related!  She said everyone just sat there stunned.  My response, appropriately, was "oh my God."  Here comes the really shocking part...she was upset that I wasn't more upset by this.  I then told her that my life is full of sharts.  I have three kids, one who is still potty training.  I have had to carry home clothes that were soiled by a child in the sandbox, the car, the restaurant, the store...I think you get the idea.  Yes, this was a grown woman, but I still get it.  I asked my sister if the woman who sharted was horrified.  She said no, not like she should have been.  She took her time getting out of line, and didn't even try to cover it up.  She must be a mom, too.