So, we've been planning a fun event every day.  Today was skiing.  Perfect conditions.  A foot of new snow overnight, sunshine, and warm temperatures.  A perfect spring skiing day.  Only one problem...I have been under the weather.  I used to get sick alot, but have taken care of a few medical issues, and haven't been sick since Christmas.   I forgot how much it sucks to be sick.  So, Mike took the girls, and I stayed home.  SO SAD!  Mike was telling me how the powder was almost too much for Gracie, then he told me about running into David Letterman.  Then I heard about the giggling and fun in the car.  Now, I am even more bummed.  I don't care how I feel tomorrow...spring break fun resumes!  We still have more skiing and Chico to do, and I realized I would rather pay for it later, and not miss out!  What are all of you doing for "home vacation?"

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