I had a busy week last week.  Work party on Thursday, and a fundraiser for my kids' school on Friday, "Parents' Night Out."  It was a Footloose Theme.  There was an email campaign to encourage everyone to dress up in 80's garb.  I was THE 80's girl.

I graduated high school in 88, and wore all the horrible clothes, and had huge hair.  I actually have natural 80's hair.  I was kind of excited about the thought of dressing up, because I have red cowboy boots from high school, just like Ariel in the movie.  I kept them, because they were my favorites and I just couldn't bear to get rid of them.  So, I decided to play along.

I had on faded skinny jeans, tucked into my boots.  A long white cotton shirt with the collar popped, and belted.  A Firenza (some of you girls will remember that brand!)  jacket, and huge 80's hair, with a red bandana for a headband.  I was ready.  We showed up at the event, and no one was dressed in 80's clothes.  Actually, that's not true...there were a handful of people who played along.  None of those people were my friends.  You know, the ones who thought it was such a great idea in the first place?  I ended up having a blast...luckily, my husband pulled out his mullet wig and played along.

I wasn't embarrassed, I really don't get embarrassed, but I was a little mad at my friends, especially the one who said she was dressed in "80's inspired clothes."  One good thing did come out of it though, the red cowboy boots.  They are still cute, and now they are front and center in my closet.

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