I didn't know what to write about today in my Mommy Memos.  My husband Mike told me to write about how awesome he is.  I am actually in a bit of trouble.  Mike finally got around to reading my Mommy Memos and said, "if you're going to keep trashing me in those, I am not going to read them anymore."  I guess I should be upset about that, but I don't really care if he reads them.   Don't get me wrong.  I adore my husband.  He truly is the love of my life, and after kissing many frogs, I really did find my prince.  That being said, sometimes he annoys the hell out of me.  I know I annoy him sometimes too.  You know the look...the one where you can tell that they are thinking, "why did I marry this person?"  He has some annoying habits...kind of a slob, tends to be late, walks all over the house in muddy work boots, and can't have a serious moment.  I wouldn't trade him for the world...he is a loving, caring husband who accepts my flaws and still finds them funny.  He is the most wonderful Dad, who lives for his kids, and hugs and kisses them, bathes them and reads bedtime stories to them.  Please don't tell him I said anything nice about him...it will go to his head!

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