I got a call at work yesterday from my husband.  Just so you know, this man is hardly ever grouchy.  You know how there's one person in the relationship who's just a little meaner than the other one?  I know that person is me...but with good reason!

Anyhoo, back to the subject.  I believe his exact words were, "are you ever going to go to the store?  We're out of breakfast food."  I'll spare you the ensuing argument, but really, Mike?  I am not there in the morning.  How in the hell am I supposed to know we need more breakfast food?  And what is breakfast food?  When I went home I found an entire pantry full of food.  A refridgerator full of fruit, milk, etc.  I guess since we are out of bread and eggo waffles it's a problem.  And why is it just my responsibility to do all the shopping?  I work too.  I have kids and housework when I get home.  Are his legs broken?

I know I said I was going to spare you the details...oops!  But I do feel better!

Then I find out that Emma forgot to tell us she needs a sack lunch for her field trip.  I got home and asked Mike what he sent.  Here's the menu.  Leftover pizza, mashed potatoes, a fruit rollup, Girl Scout cookies , water and a Sprite.  Once again, I am left asking, really, Mike?  Mashed potatoes...on a field trip?  And I guess a fruit rollup counts as a serving of fruit.

Come to find out, mashed potatoes are awesome, and all the kids were impressed.  Emma shared her lunch with a friend who forgot his.  She gave him the pizza and Sprite.  I know she's related to her father, because I am AGAIN left asking, why?  Why would she eat the potatoes and water, when she could have pizza and a Sprite?  I love that girl.  I know why she did it, it's  because she has the biggest heart in the world.  As for her father...I guess I will just have to keep asking, why?