I have a bad habit of being a hermit, especially during the week.  I get up at an ungodly hour, have a job, three kids and a house to take care of.   So, when there are fun events during the week, I usually pass because then I would actually have to put on makeup and change out of my husband's pajama bottoms.  By the way, advice for all you mom's out there...DO NOT wear your husband's pajama bottoms to pick up your kids from school.  I mortified my second grader last year.

Anyhoo...my friend Lori called me last night and asked what time she should pick me up.  I had completely forgotten that I told her I would go to a fashion show with her.  That's right, fashion show.  You can't wear pajamas to that, so I put on my "uniform."  Since none of my jeans fit, I wore leggings, tunic, wrap and boots.  I threw on some makeup and honestly, didn't look too bad for a 10 minute fix up.  I was going to cancel, which I am famous for, but my kids actually talked me into going.  They said it would be good for me to get out of the house.  You know it's bad when your 6 and 8 year old who never want you to be away from them tell you that you need to go out. 

We got to the fashion show and I got my glass of "mommy juice" and shopped, talked to adults, and watched an amazing fashion show at Riverside.  I tried on fur coats, which I would have bought if I had the money.  Mommy juice makes me do stuff like that.  The point is, Moms, you HAVE to do stuff like that for yourself to stay sane.  It took ALL my energy to go last night, I stayed up too late, and I am tired this morning...and I still have a smile on my face!