I love my kids...you know that.  One of the reasons I love them so much is because they get along with each other so well.  They look out for each other and play together well.  I am not saying they are perfect.  More than once...ok, WAY more than once.  I've heard "THAT'S MINE!"  "GIVE IT BACK!"  "MOOOOOOOMMMM...SHE HIT ME!"  But for the most part, they have alot of fun together.  Like last night...when Matthew and Gracie disappeared upstairs, I wasn't worried.  Mike went up to check on them after a few minutes...when he came back downstairs he told me I was going to want my camera ready.  He was right.

Gracie got a Barbie makeup kit for Christmas.  Matthew got the whole deal.  Hair, makeup, nails and toes.  The part I love is that he knew he looked GOOD!  He felt macho with his "buzz shoot gun."  I guess that makes it more manly.  He is going to be so in touch with his feminine side!  His sisters love to dress him up, do his nails, and do all other sorts of experiments on him.  This is a memory and a picture I am going to want to keep.  If nothing else...it's good blackmail when he's a teenager.