After a string of serious health issues and hospitalizations, 74-year-old Merle Haggard said in a statement on Wednesday that he’s “feeling good and ready to get back on the bus.” This comes after the Country Music Hall of Famer was hospitalized multiple times in the past few months, receiving treatment for double pneumonia, stomach ulcers, the removal of eight polyps from his colon and esophageal diverticulitis.

Even with all the complications he’s been experiencing, Haggard has been quick to hop back on his bus at any chance he gets, trying to return on the road and miss as few shows as possible. Just a few weeks ago he was admitted to a hospital in Macon, Ga. and was forced to cancel the remainder of his January shows, many of which were rescheduled.

After being released from the Macon hospital, Haggard tried to go home but had to be hospitalized once again halfway there because he still didn’t feel well. Now, quite convinced he’s feeling better, he’s hitting the road once again and heading back on tour. His first show will be on Feb. 28 in Tuscon, Ariz.

“Thanks to all for their powerful prayers that led to my speedy recovery,” he said in this week’s statement. “I’m rehearsing with the band and looking forward to playin’ and singin’ again.”

Haggard released his most recent record, ‘Working in Tennessee,’ in October.