I know that you may not agree, but I think this is crazy.  My problem is, where does it stop?  Who is responsible for keeping our kids healthy?  I say it's up to the parents.

My kids LOVE to go to McDonalds.  We don't go every day, or even every week.  It's a treat, not a staple.  I know when we go to McDonalds my kids aren't getting a healthy meal.

I have seen the obesity problem in America, but I don't think it's fair to blame fast food.  There have always been unhealthy choices.  What's next, getting rid of all unhealthy food so that Americans don't gain weight?

Enough of my rant, here's the info:

McDonald's announced yesterday that it's tweaking its Happy Meals to make the children's meals healthier, cutting down the number of french fries by half and automatically including apple slices, which are now an optional side.   They are getting rid of the caramel sauce.

The move comes after pressure was put on the fast food giant by consumer groups, parents and even local lawmakers over the nutritional content and marketing of Happy Meals.

The changes will begin to be introduced in September, and will be rolled out in all U.S. outlets by April 2012. The new Happy Meals will come in at under 600 calories and have about 20 percent fewer calories than today's most popular Happy Meal.

Tell me what you think, XL Country!