Just breaks my heart to think about how I missed my opportunity to get one last burger and milkshake. I will have to wait now till next spring.

Livingston landmark Mark's In & Out has officially closed for 2021 and it just seems too soon. Mark's In & Out has been opened in Livingston since 1954 and has been a hot spot every single year when they officially open in the spring through early fall.

Mark's In & Out Drive In is known for a few things. Mostly their burgers, fries, and milkshakes being absolutely delicious and for their prices being extremely cheap and affordable. You could literally get a few burgers, fries, and a drink and the price will easily be around $10. That's a lot of food to fill you up and on a budget.

Plus, you get to go to Livingston, which is gorgeous and awesome. Going to Mark's In & Out every year is a pilgrimage for all locals in the Gallatin Valley. They have been there for almost 70 years and there is a reason why. Mark's is a piece of history and they do have some incredible tasty burgers.

I have to admit, I usually get at least three while I am there because you never know when you will be able to go back to Livingston and get to taste their delicious food.

Mark's In & Out, we will miss you for now but we can't wait to see you hopefully in less than eight months.

You are the best.

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