UPDATE: Bunny found a home the day after we published this blog post!

Bunny has been living at the Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston since March. She is currently the Livingston animal shelter's longest stay cat. The average stay for a cat is 59 days, according to the shelter's development director, Alicia Davis.

If you're looking for a feline friend, you could give Bunny a home before Christmas. Please note, it is recommended that pets not be given as presents since a pet is a lifetime commitment that the gift receiver may not be ready for. However, if you've been looking to add a pet to your family, Bunny may just be the cat for you.

Stafford Animal Shelter posted on its Facebook page about Bunny on Wednesday and has since received a lot of interest and questions.

Bunny, who is 6 years old, can be a little shy about warming up to people, which is possibly why she's often overlooked, Davis said. Bunny would do best in a mature, calm household. She has never lived with children or dogs, but that doesn't mean she couldn't try, Davis added.

"I think she’s a cat that people need to give her a chance and be patient," Davis said, adding that if Bunny were to go on vacation it would be to a cabin in the woods, not to Disney World.

Some other quick facts about Bunny:

  • She loves affection
  • Does well with male cats, and other calm, respectful females
  • Best suited for the indoors

For more info about Bunny, please contact the Stafford Animal Shelter at (406) 222-2111. You can also visit their website at http://staffordanimalshelter.org/

Also, the shelter is holding a special through the end of the year. Adoption fees for cats are being waived and instead the shelter is accepting donations of the donors choice for all cats through the end of the year.