It takes a certain kind of person to live in the middle of nowhere, and the middle of nowhere describes most of Montana.

Living in Montana is a special place. The scenery, the weather, and the people make Montana an incredible place to live year-round. The only problem is some people move to Montana expecting to be like a big city, and they are sorely mistaken. This problem is the case, especially when folks move into rural areas of Montana.

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When we say rural Montana, we are talking about places where the closest towns are under 1,000 people. If you don't know, towns that size make up most of Montana. Small towns are a way of life, and it's great.

Photo by Stephanie Davis via Unpslash
Photo by Stephanie Davis via Unsplash

Living in a small rural town can be a huge obstacle to overcome for many folks who decide to live out in the sticks, but we decided to help you out.

We were checking out the This is REALLY Livingston Facebook page, and someone posted a list of advice for anyone deciding to live in rural Montana, and we felt inspired by this list.

Photo by Trevor Wilson via Unspalsh
Photo by Trevor Wilson via Unsplash

This list had some sound advice, but we wanted to expand more about living in rural Montana. Not everywhere in Montana is like the Gallatin Valley. Sometimes the areas are like Wilsall or Plains. You are out there by yourself, and it can be rough for those who aren't used to that kind of condition.

We are here to help.

So here are 10 Great Tips If You're Moving to Rural Montana.

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