My first dance was in seventh grade. It was an after school dance that I mostly spent sitting and doing anything but dancing. Before arriving at the school gymnasium, my hope for the dance was to dance away with a cute girl's heart in a movie like fashion. A hopeless romantic at 12! Once the dance began, my dream seemed far from becoming reality as I spectated from my vantage point in the bleachers. That was until an eighth grade girl came up to me and asked if I would like to dance with her friend.

Normally in situations like this, I said no as kindly as possible. Not because the proposition didn't intrigue me, but I had just become quite good at saying no to things that were new and terrifying to me. And eighth grade girls are probably the most scary thing to a seventh grade boy besides having the whole student body see you naked.

This time was different. As if my mouth knew what was good for me, it spouted out, "Sure." Not at all knowing what the next step should be, my heart began to race. Luckily my dance partner was much more gutsy and she grabbed my hands and led me to the dance floor. We went around in circles for what seemed like 30 rotations during the song not saying a word. It was a dizzying dance that lasted a lifetime and dropped dead as soon as the song ended. The eighth grader turned out to be just as shy as me and ran off the dance floor and I never even got her name.

After surviving what I thought was a near panic attack, I went back to my seat in the bleachers. My friends were pretty jealous to see that I had been dancing with an eighth grade girl. My head was swimming but I acted cool as I sat down with a smile on my face. I held that smile as long as I could to hide the terror that had not yet passed. When I finally recovered from what had just happened, I realized that girls aren't as scarey as I thought. And they smell good too.

Do you have a first dance story? Please share it with us in the comments below. The more embarrassing the better!