It was a battle from the beginning and one thing that Kelly Clarkson was not willing to budge on. Her and now Ex-husband Brandon Blackstock's Montana Cabin. Initially the judge had said that as long as Brandon can make the payments, he can stay there. Well Clarkson figured this was not going to be possible, considering she has been the bread winner of the family. The cabin is also titled in Clarkson's name so I mean, it's hers, right?

Today is the day the judge said "no more", and awarded Clarkson the Montana cabin as hers and solely hers. In the divorce papers, and prenup, anything that Clarkson purchased with HER INCOME would remain hers. And I think that is fair, considering her whopping monthly income is well over one million dollars A MONTH. She will definitely be able to afford the payments for the cabin.

So now what? Where is Blackstock? Well...he is hunkered down in the cabin. Basically saying "nah...I'm good, I'm not leaving". Well my friend, you do not have a choice. Clarkson is currently contemplating whether she will need to get further authorities involved to have Brandon leave the property.

The two have finalized their divorce. Now that the cabin is out of the way. The custody agreement is still in the midst of conversation. Clarkson and Blackstock have two kids together, Clarkson is already paying spousal and child support, but my guess is, she won't be paying that much longer, especially if she is awarded full custody. We shall see what happens. In the mean time, it seems as though Clarkson will be a Montana visitor more often then she initially thought a month ago. And we are happy to have her!

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