Though Justin Moore may sing about staying out late and partying, his life doesn’t look much like that ... at least not anymore. Now that he’s settled down, married with three children, the singer says his New Year’s Eve plans have mellowed out. He’s not complaining, though — it’s his preferred method of celebration.

“My favorite kind of New Year’s has changed over the years. ‘Back in the day,’ air quote, we stayed out and turned it up pretty loud and stayed out late and did all that," Moore recalls. "Nowadays with kids, it’s hard to even make it to midnight, so it’s changed over the years, but it’s changed for the better."

The artist married wife Kate in 2007, and he’s now the proud papa of three daughters — Ella, Kennedy and Rebecca. The 30-year-old singer recently released a new single called “You Look Like I Need a Drink," a tune about the dread of an impending heartbreak when you know by the look on your significant other’s face it’s not going to be a pleasant conversation. The song is the lead-off single from Moore's yet-to-be-announced fourth studio album and debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

When he’s not doing dramatic readings of Drake lyrics, Moore has been spending time on the road with Brad Paisley on his Crushin’ It Tour, and now he’s taking a break to relax with family in Arkansas for the holidays.

Justin Moore Opens Up About Sleepless Nights

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