We're looking for large Americans that love the Bobcats!

If you are a huge Bobcats fan, and want to go the homecoming game this Saturday against North Dakota, we're looking for YOU!

We're trying to recruit six people to join us in the homecoming parade, and at the game this Saturday. If you get selected, you will get a free ticket to the game!

Here's the requirements

  1. You must be a large American (200 lbs or more)
  2. You must be available Saturday to be in the homecoming parade and go to the Bobcats' game
  3. You are comfortable taking your shirt off and letting someone paint you blue & gold.
  4. You have to email me by Friday, 9/23.

We're looking for six people. If you want to score a free ticket to the game while showing your love for the Bobcats, email me. Jesse@xlcountry.com