Jason Aldean is rewarding one very special young lady for her good deeds this Christmas season.

Lillyanna Martinez lives in Las Cruces, N.M., and for her tenth birthday she decided that instead of asking for presents, she wanted to give them out to people who are less fortunate than she is. She asked everyone coming to her birthday party to bring items like scarves, hats, jackets and toys, which she then took and distributed to kids around her age.

According to local news station KRQE in Las Cruces, the enterprising young lady got the idea from a segment on the Bobby Bones Show, which is nationally syndicated. Bones aired a segment that celebrated good news and giving back, and when the popular radio personality got wind of Martinez' charity work, he arranged to surprise her with a special on-air phone call on Monday (Dec. 14).

“Why did you want to do that? Why did you want to give back?” Bones asked.

“I wanted to help kids my age,” the wise-beyond-her-years 10-year-old replied.

That's when Bones revealed the next part of his surprise — that one of her favorites, Aldean, had recorded a special message for her.

“Hey, what’s up Lillyanna? I heard what you were doing this year with your birthday presents, giving them to needy kids, and I think it’s unbelievable. I think we need more people like you in the world, and it's very cool for you to set an example like that — especially at a young age,” the country superstar told the shocked girl, adding that he was going to give her something special in return for her generosity to others.

“We’re going to send you an autographed guitar, and we’re also going to get you tickets to any show of mine that you want to come to, meet and greet so I have a chance to say hello to you and thank you in person,” Aldean revealed.

The singer also posted the girl's picture and story to his Facebook page with the caption, "Lillyanna is what the Christmas season is all about!"

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