There’s a well-known slogan down south: “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Well you know what? Don’t mess with Jason Aldean, either! Aldean has been cranking out hit after hit — scoring five consecutive No. 1 singles, to be exact — over the past several years, bringing many non-country music fans into the format with his rocker edge and electrifying presence.

But over the weekend, Aldean felt it was time to speak up to those naysayers who never seem to have anything nice to say about him, his music, his style or his attitude. “To all u haters … If u don’t like what I do or think I’m ‘ruining’ country music, feel free to unfollow me,” he wrote to his nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter. “Nobody is forcing u to listen!”

With another tweet, Aldean praised those who have supported him from the beginning, or at least in recent years. The loving and loyal fans who have had his back no matter what. “I play music for the fans who like what I do,” he wrote. “Those are the ones I focus on and the ones I am thankful for.”

And the fans certainly do like what he’s doing. Just this past weekend, Aldean played two back-to-back sold out shows in Atlanta on the latest leg of his My Kinda Party tour. When the second night’s show sold out in a matter of hours, Aldean became the first country music artist in the venue’s history to sell out the arena that quickly.

If that’s not a sign of popularity, we don’t know what is.

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