Carrie Underwood is dominating the landscape right now, especially in the mainstream media. The ‘Blown Away’ singer, whose new album of the same name topped the Billboard chart for two weeks in a row, will be featured in the forthcoming 20th anniversary ‘Dateline’ special, which airs tonight (May 22) at 10PM ET on NBC. Make a note of it!

According to Country Music Is Love, Underwood will sit down with reporter Hoda Kotb to discuss her incredible rise to fame over the past several years. The ladies actually chatted right after Underwood was voted the winner of Season 4 of ‘American Idol,’ and now, well, it’s past time for a reprise. What a different a few years makes. Underwood is sitting on top of the world right now, so her ‘Idol’ win is pretty much just a footnote in her career.

The special will cover some of the biggest and most extraordinary stories of the past two decades. Underwood is profiled alongside actor Michael J. Fox and the McCaughey septuplets, so she’s is in good company and of course, her story is extraordinary. Be sure and tune in.