There are entire websites dedicated to parenting fails and while most appear to be harmless, some make you question just how long the victimized kid will live in such a dangerous environment. Take this video of a couple parents who put their kid in a washing machine at the laundromat as a way to teach him a lesson. Seems like a funny prank at first, but then the auto lock system kicks in and everyone starts to freak out. (Note: this video may be too intense for some viewers.)

It’s safe to say those parents probably won’t be returning to that laundromat. We wouldn’t be shocked if they decided to sue for having unsafe machines and win the case. That’s just how America rolls — we reward the dumb.

Considering how traumatic this event was for the kid, we could see him growing up to be a real life Pigpen (from Charlie Brown). Just petrified of washing machines, opting to smell like a garbage dump instead of risking another spin. Thankfully the kid reportedly came out of the ordeal with only minor injuries. That’s nothing to say of his future mental torment when he sees this video.

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