Gloriana‘s latest single, ‘(Kissed You) Good Night‘ — which tells the story of a guy and a girl sharing their first kiss — has been making its way up the charts lately. Because of its instant success, the song has got Gloriana members Tom and Mike Gossin thinking about their own first kisses.

Turns out, these American country stars have some awkward first-kiss memories to share, which makes for great entertainment for the rest of us. When vocalist Tom Gossin thinks about his first kiss, all he can remember is the taste of Doritos on his date’s breath.


“[Mine] was a girl that I went to grade school with,” Tom recalls. “We were at a birthday party. We were very young and she kissed me and all I could taste was Doritos … It was bad. I liked the girl right up until then. I don’t eat Doritos because of that.”

Thankfully, guitarist Mike Gossin had a sweeter memory to share. “Mine was in first grade. It was a girl by the name of Shauna,” he recalls. “And I gave her a bag of those candy hearts and No. 2 pencils. I got a kiss for it. At that age, I learned a valuable lesson: the way to a woman’s heart is to buy her something.”

Although ‘(Kiss You) Good Night’ isn’t necessarily a song written about a real-life experience, Gloriana’s forthcoming summer album has a lot of biographical elements to it. In the past three years, the trio went from playing bars to opening for Taylor Swift. You’ll hear some of their stories on their album, ‘Thousand Miles Left Behind,’ later this year.

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