Rachel Reinert Leaves Gloriana
The future of country trio Gloriana is in doubt as singer Rachel Reinert has decided to leave the group. In a post on Twitter, Reinert thanked fans as well as Tom and Mike Gossin before revealing what’s next for her.
Gloriana – (Kissed You) Good Night [MUSIC VIDEO]
Everyone's been there before. You just had an amazing date with an amazing girl and your head says, "Don't mess this up!" And of course that very thought prevents you from doing anything but make a fool of yourself from that point forward. I once heard that forgiveness is letting go of the…
Gloriana Dish on Their First Kisses
Gloriana‘s latest single, ‘(Kissed You) Good Night‘ — which tells the story of a guy and a girl sharing their first kiss — has been making its way up the charts lately. Because of its instant success, the song has got Gloriana members Tom and Mike Gossin thinking about …