Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a millionaire to live in Montana. The price of real estate and housing is at an all-time high, and it seems like the cost of almost everything is on the rise. Several businesses in the state have drastically increased hourly wages in order to attract employees who are actually willing to work.

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When people move to Montana, many are blindsided by the high cost of living, and most residents live paycheck to paycheck just to get by. Montana doesn't have a sales tax, but property taxes in the state are among the highest in the country. So, how much does a single person need to make in order to survive in Montana, and how does it compare to the rest of the country?

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According to new data from Go Banking Rates, if you're single, the average median salary needed in order to get by in America is $57,000. However, some states require quite a bit more than that.

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Hawaii, Massachusetts, California, New York, Alaska, Maryland, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey are the 10 most expensive states in the nation requiring the highest salary necessary for an individual to get by.

Hawaii tops the list as the most expensive state in the United States. The salary required to live in Hawaii is $112,411.

The Average Median Salary Needed To Get By in Montana

The average salary needed in Montana is slightly above the national average, but not by much. According to the data, you need to make $57,056 to get by in the Treasure State.

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How Does Montana Compare to Surrounding States?

  • Idaho - $58,634
  • North Dakota - $52, 807
  • Wyoming - $49,666

Montana may seem expensive, but compared to most other states, we've got it pretty good.

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According to data from, The median salary across the U.S. a single person must make to get by collectively is $57,000. However, some states are far from that.

So how much higher or lower is your state to the national average, and which states are the top 10 most and least affordable overall? Let's find out.

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