A cattle rancher from a small town in Montana was recently a contestant of Wheel of Fortune, a popular game show on television. She not only competed on the show, but also made it to the bonus round.

Wheel of Fortune has been around for a really long time. My grandparents used to watch WOF religiously every night. Now, my parents do the same thing. For many Americans, sitting down to watch Wheel of Fortune is a nightly ritual. The show may be popular, but it's not every day that you see a person from Montana as one of the contestants.

Shannon Schneider - WOF

Montana Residents Makes Appearance on Wheel of Fortune

On Thursday, April 25, Shannon Schneider, who lives on a cattle ranch in Winston, Montana was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. According to a recap for the episode, Schneider is engaged to Doug, one of her bosses, and is the mother of three children.

In a post on Facebook, Schneider said being on Wheel of Fortune was a dream come true, and that she's been watching the show since she was a child. In Thursday night, friend and family members gathered for a watch party at the Big Bull Bar & Grill in Winston.

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Schneider was impressive during the episode, and made it all the way to the bonus round. She ended up winning $16,600. We reached out to Shannon to ask her about her experience on Wheel of Fortune, and haven't received a response. You can watch Shannon try to guess the puzzle for the bonus round below.

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