People from California relocating to Montana has been a hot topic for a long time. Despite what many may believe, it's been happening for much longer than the past 20 years. The history of Californians moving to Montana goes back to before it was granted statehood in 1889.



We did some research, and found multiple stories about people moving to Montana from California when gold was first discovered in Bannock in 1862. In fact, mining for gold and copper brought people from all over the world to Montana. That's why it's called the Treasure State.

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I'm not trying to defend Californians, but they aren't the only ones to blame for the high home prices and cost of living in Montana. Not only are people from other states moving here, but there are elected officials that are encouraging and allowing it to happen.

If you want to see an example of what Montana looked like before Californians started moving here, you'll have to go back to before 1862. Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of Montana from it's early days. However, you can still visit the oldest building in Montana, which according to research, was built around 1846.


According to Crown of the Continent, a remnant of Fort Connah in St. Ignatius, Montana is believed to be the oldest building in the state. It was a Hudson Bay Company trading post between 1846-1871.

Fort Connah
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Unfortunately, it's not open to the public, but the Fort Connah Restoration Society is working to change that. Private tours are available by appointment only. For more information about Fort Connah, click here.

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