If we are being honest, Montana could easily sweep several of these categories with no effort.

Montana is where people come to enjoy the scenery.

Montana is perfect if you love trees, mountains, water features, and stunning views. Big Sky Country looks like every stunning Bob Ross painting. You can't help but take in all the gorgeous scenery and feel lucky to experience it.

Photo by Alex Gorey via Unsplash
Photo by Alex Gorey via Unsplash

Montana usually isn't nominated for things you see in larger cities or more populated areas.

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What we are good at is the outdoors.

Montana is one of the best places to enjoy being an outdoorsman or appreciate the wild.

Photo by Jim Fang via Unsplash
Photo by Jim Fang via Unsplash

We know this is true because USA Today nominated several Montana locations for awards in their 10 Best lists.

Here are the nominees.

Best Fishing Lodge

Best Lake For Swimming

  • Whitefish Lake-Whitefish
Photo by Andrew Ly via Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Ly via Unsplash

Best Lake For Water Sports

  • Flathead Lake

Best River For Fly Fishing

  • Bighorn River
  • Flathead River
  • Madison River
  • Yellowstone River

The only categories with zero nominations for Montana were Best Rivers For Tubing and Best Lake.

Montana has a clear advantage with some of these other categories from USA Today,

Montana could end up with 7 of the Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Lodges, and that's impressive.

Photo by Alex Lange via Unsplash
Photo by Alex Lange via Unsplash

This list shows how important the outdoors is to Montanans, and Big Sky Country is the best place to enjoy whatever activity you want to try anything.

You can vote now for these incredible Montana locations through USA Today.

Let's show everyone why Montana is the Last Best Place.

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