If there is one seasonal treat that many Montanans will clamor for, it's this sweet dessert.

Who doesn't love a delicious dessert occasionally? Whether you love pie, ice cream, or cookies, we all love a sugary sweet to indulge our cravings. There are plenty of ice cream shops, bakeries, and more here in Montana to fill that need.

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The only thing that could infuriate Montanans is if the dessert is only seasonal. These include treats like Flathead Cherry Ice Cream, pumpkin pie, and other desserts you only see during certain times of the year.

Photo by Pixzolo Photography via Unsplash
Photo by Pixzolo Photography via Unsplash

It's annoying to wait a year for food or desserts that only hang around for a few weeks.

We have some fantastic news for Montanans who have a sweet tooth. One of the most coveted desserts is coming earlier than ever, and you better not miss out.

Eat This, Not That reports starting Monday, February 5th, the beloved McDonald's Shamrock Shake will be making its yearly debut.

Credit: Snackolator via Instagram

The Shamrock Shake has been a seasonal treat at McDonald's for over 50 years, and people love this milkshake. It's vanilla ice cream with mint syrup. Not only is the Shamrock Shake making a comeback, but McDonald's will also offer the Oreo Shamrock Shake.

McDonald's is known for their seasonal treats like the McRib, but the Shamrock Shake has stood the test of time, and people keep demanding it. The interest is so high that McDonald's has brought back the frozen beverage over a month before St. Patrick's Day.

Photo by Shahbaz Ali via Unsplash
Photo by Shahbaz Ali via Unsplash

McDonald's better hope their ice cream machines work because locals will be upset if they can't enjoy this milkshake in the short span it will be available, or people will be enraged.

Who's excited for the Shamrock Shake to return earlier than ever? Let us know on the app.

For more details, check out Eat This, Not That.

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