You should save a chunk of money if you want your children to attend any of these schools.

Everyone with kids wants them to receive the best education possible as soon as they start school. From Kindergarten through senior year, you want your kids to succeed and be well-rounded individuals who will thrive after graduation.

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Most of us in Montana attended public schools because our parents can't afford private schools, and that's ok. Many public schools in Montana are fantastic and highly rated due to their overall curriculum and atmosphere for students.

Photo by M Monk via Unsplash
Photo by M Monk via Unsplash

What if you could afford a private school in Montana? Are these schools expensive to afford? The answer is yes.

We found The Top 3 Most Expensive Schools in Montana, and you will need some deep pockets if you want your children to attend these schools.

1. Bozeman Field School

The Bozeman Field School, located near the Montana State campus, will run you around $18,500 a year, but they offer a curriculum that offers more hands-on learning from experts who visit all over Montana. The school has unique studies that can be a creative source for students, but the tuition is steep.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic via Unsplash
Photo by Ivan Aleksic via Unsplash

2. Mount Ellis Academy

Located in Bozeman, Mount Ellis Academy will cost between $12K to $16K. It all depends on how many days a week you send your students to the school. The school focuses on work-life experiences. This school is also only for high school students.

3. Aspire Middle and High School

The final school on the list is Aspire Middle and High School in Missoula. This school seems like a discount at $9,000, but has a different teaching style. Aspire is known for its experimental and self-directed learning that could turn off potential parents.

Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash
Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash

Getting your child to receive the best education is very important, but most Montanans don't have tens of thousands of dollars to drop on private schools every year. Would you pay for one of these schools if you could afford it?

Let us know what you think, and message us on the app.

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