Some towns and places in Montana are considered cool, but this one town could be one of the coolest in America.

The definition of cool can differ from person to person. When people think a town is cool, it could mean several things.

The place could have fantastic restaurants, activities, architecture, or other factors. It all depends on what you think is cool.

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When we think of cool towns or places in Montana, there are a few you could consider. Like ski towns? Whitefish and Big Sky are perfect. Want to check out old Montana towns with a ton of history? Virginia City and Philipsburg are neat. What if you want to be near outdoor activities? Places like Bigfork, Missoula, and Helena might be your style.

We are trying to say there are several places in Montana you could consider cool.

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Well, one town might not only stand above everywhere else in Montana but is said to be one of the coolest in America.

Kinda Frugal published a list of The 16 Coolest Small Towns in America, and the spot in Montana ranked in the Top 3.

The #3 Coolest Small Town in America is Ennis.

Credit: Ennis Chamber of Commerce via Facebook
Credit: Ennis Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Why is Ennis so cool? There could be several reasons. The town is surrounded by towering mountains and forests. The downtown area is lively, and there is excellent fly fishing nearby.

It's close to Yellowstone and one of the best places to watch a sunset in Montana. Trust us.

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Ennis is often overlooked in Montana, but it's a hidden gem and beloved to many locals and visitors.

You should plan a vacation to Ennis and see what the fuss is about.

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