As the problem escalates and the debate continues about 'urban camping' across Montana, it's not very often that you can get a bird's eye view of how out of hand it's getting. How many people are 'camping' on public streets?

Urban Camping - Real MT YouTube 3
Urban Camping - Real MT YouTube 3

First things first - this article is not to debate the politics of Montana's growing urban camping problems. That would take forever and we're only going to sling more mud, would be my guess. However, this IS to bring to harsh light just how ENORMOUS and dangerous the problem is getting in places such as Bozeman.

This video was posted to YouTube on Monday, November 6th, 2023 and is an extensive drone video of several urban encampments across Bozeman. It is not narrated but there are some comment subtitles for clarity. (Also, a gun was pointed at the drone during the filming.)

Locations in the video are also clearly labeled. The pilot took footage from: East Griffin Drive, near Glen Lake area. You'll see lots of RVs and tents. Also notice the large "For Sale" sign on the property behind the campers. Glen Lake is a popular local park in Bozeman.

The video then continues on to North 11th Avenue, which is ALSO located near a park/pond area. You'll find this line of urban campers lining the street south of the Homewood Suites hotel all the way to Oak. (This is also the section where someone pointed a gun at the drone.)

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Then the pilot visits Max Avenue and a large, multi-street encampment west of North 19th avenue. The account that posted the video simply had this to say as the description:

Take a tour of the streets of Bozeman, MT with me of the increasing urban camper problems. Lawlessness, camping on private property, dumping sewage into the storm sewers and marshes. This problem is growing and we need a solution.

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