Where do you find the best dive bars in Montana? All over the state, really. If you've never taken a tour of Montana, we've put together a gallery of pictures of some of the most important bars across the land. Bars in small communities are important.

Why? Bars aren't just places to drink alcohol. They're often the hub of small communities, social centers, and fundraising headquarters when someone is in need. Spaghetti feeds, bingo nights, even tricycle races to raise money. That stuff all happens at your local bar - dive or otherwise.

Montana's dive bars are also incredibly funky. Some are historic log cabins, some are utilitarian (almost windowless) cinderblock buildings. Some dive bars hang their hat on being a live music hub to every local band who wants to play.

Other bars are actually award winning restaurants that serve locally raised steaks the size of your head. Their kitchen staff has been working there for decades and probably have menu items named after them. They care about these establishments very much.


Which brings us to all these pictures of Montana's dive bars. They're not in any particular order. We'll actually have to do another collection because there are just so many funky bars across the state worth mentioning. Heck, I might even do a coffee table book about them.

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The next time you're road tripping across Montana, make sure you stop in to a few dive bars and check 'em out. Even if you don't drink alcohol, they're worth seeing, visiting, and saying 'hi'. If they have a menu and lots of locals are eating, you should absolutely eat there too.


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