Finding the best bagels in Montana can be tough. Not only because people have different passions for what is an "authentic" bagel, but because there really are various origins and versions of this classic, carb-loaded favorite. Bagels are a worldly thing, not just a New York thing.

  • The Sourdough Bagel in Billings: (219 N 29th Street, Billings) A small, but much loved bagel/coffee spot. "Traditionally handcrafted, slow-fermented bagels made in beautiful Yellowstone County, Montana." Yelp reviews are almost entirely 5 stars, and they often sell out. The Sourdough Bagel on Facebook.
  • "Skip your stupide "free" hotel breakfast and come here instead!"
  • "This is a great takeaway spot downtown. I just ordered some bagels to go, but they have a delish-looking bagel sandwich menu--including the likes of a ham and fig, lox, avocado toast, and a regular bacon and cheese."
  • The Sourdough Bagel - Facebook
    The Sourdough Bagel - Facebook


    • BagelWorks in Bozeman: (708 W. Main Street Bozeman) You won't find this crew spending much time with pretty pictures on their socials. They're too busy doing what they do. Open since 1991, BagelWorks is a Bozeman institution for long-time locals.
    • "Stopped in here for a breakfast bagel sandwich. really nice staff and tasty bagels. lots of options. will be back for sure."
    • "I've never been a bagel fan in life but this place has me convinced otherwise. Great food, excellent service"
    BagelWorks sandwich - Facebook
    BagelWorks sandwich - Facebook
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    • Schulte's 38th Street Store and Coffee House in Great Falls: (3800 3rd Ave South, Great Falls) Perhaps an odd choice for a list like this, but who are we to argue with their customers who rave about this interesting spot. "We're not just any C-Store or Coffee House. Yes, we have all those things all c-stores have – beer, pop, snacks, fuel, ATM, ice, coffee, restrooms (but ours are clean!). But we also have an a GREAT deli serving a variety of delicious and fresh food."
    • “This cute place is tucked away behind a gas station.”
    • "Their Breakfast Casserole on a bagel is delicious and a good value. They have other bagel sandwiches too."
    • "Hidden great falls gem. Military discount. Sandwiches, coffee, great bagels, ice cream choose your toppings style."
    • Find Schulte's 38th Street Store and Coffee House on Facebook
    Shulte's bagel sandwich - Facebook
    Shulte's bagel sandwich - Facebook


    • Brooklyn Bagel and Bakery in Missoula: (2865 North Reserve Street, Missoula) With two locations, one in Missoula (obviously) and one in Columbia Falls, Brooklyn Bagel has coffee drinks, flavored cream cheeses, bagel sandwiches, and Italian pastries.
    • "The bagels they serve are real big city bagels, meaning fresh and plump. They also have a delicious fresh assortment of cream cheeses, which appear to be made in-house."
    • "Delicious cannoli, great bagels, they even have NY style knishes. Lots of gelato flavors, too. It's a little spendy, though."
    • "I have always been very particular about my food but they kill it every time. I ask for an ungodly amount of cream cheese and they deliver."
    • Brooklyn Bagel and Bakery on Facebook
    Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash
    Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

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