What makes a great lake town? How many lakes does Montana actually have? What are the best lakes in Montana besides Flathead? Great news: Montana has a lot more cool lakes and lake towns than you might think. 

There's a lake town in northwest Montana that is quant, but incredibly pretty with less than 1,000 residents. Boating, fishing, and camping are all plentiful but there is also a cool 'Rock City' just a few miles out of town.

Although small, this Montana lake town seems to have just about everything you'd need for happy, rural living. There's a high school, a library, a bar and grill, a café, a gas station, a motel, Airbnbs, a recreation area with camping, etc. It's a real town.

Valier, Montana might be Montana's coolest little lake town. Obviously smaller and less famous than Flathead Lake, Ennis Lake, or Canyon Ferry - Lake Frances is 3,600 acres and is located right next to Valier. Not miles down the road...the lake is right there in town.

There's access to good fishing in Lake Frances, where you'll be able to catch rainbow trout, northern pike, perch, walleye and more. The Lake Frances Recreation Area is right on the edge of town.

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  • In addition to the Lake Frances Recreation Area, Valier has two parks. Stroll through Main Street Park and enjoy the gardens, gazebo and picnic tables.
  • Miller Park, in the heart of Valier offers a large grassy area, lots of shade trees and public restrooms.
  • Across the street on Chouteau Ave. and 5th street the tennis courts are open for public use.
  • The US Postal Service provides post office boxes free of charge to residents of Valier, as there is no home delivery service.
  • There are various places to stay in Valier: a motel, a historic Inn, camping, and Airbnb options.

A small agriculture community in Central Montana, Valier sits on the shore of Lake Frances. Lake Frances provides amenities for boating, fishing and camping, as well as nearby walking and biking trails the offer beautiful views of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Stone School Inn Valier - Facebook
Stone School Inn Valier - Facebook


A few miles north of the town of Valier, you'll find yourself in 'Rock City'. These are sandstone pillars that have worn away in the shape of mushrooms. They're quite well known and very picturesque. Also known as Natural Rock Hoodoos, they are located just off of Two Medicine River.

Just north of Valier, Montana
Just north of Valier, Montana

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