Finding great food for a great value is a fine art. Montana has several local bargain spots for terrific meals, but one restaurant in particular has been chosen as the best value for your culinary dollar.

I will say this - to ME, a bargain meal can be several different things. I'm happy to shell out good money for something absolutely delicious, especially if I can't easily make it at home. Elaborate recipes, special versions, secret family ingredients, etc. - you know what I mean. But I also really appreciate a delicious $3 street taco.

The business in question was established in it's current form in 2016 by Barrett and Karen Byrne. Before their purchase, the restaurant had a diverse tradition of being a coffeeshop, marketplace, and café. The Byrne's wanted to continue and expand on that neighborhood tradition, and it appears they've done just that.

This restaurant hangs their hat on scratch made food, which isn't cheap. At first glance, their menu prices aren't the lowest you've ever seen, but when you consider what kind of food they're making - the prices are super reasonable. This Missoula restaurant is also well reviewed online by various platforms such as Trip Advisor, Yelp!, etc.

The Patio at Rattlesnake Market in Missoula, Montana was recently named "Montana's Restaurant with the Best Value for the Money" by Love Food. The online platform collected their picks for all 50 states from Open Table information, it was not solely focused on Montana's best values.


"Voted the best-value restaurant in Montana by diners on OpenTable, The Patio at Rattlesnake Market is a much-loved spot for casual dinners, local craft beers, and excellent wines, all in a rustic setting."

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The Patio at Rattlesnake Market is not just about the restaurant - as their name suggests, there is a market along with a full service espresso bar. You'll find things such as wine, cheese, specialty meats, along with some grocery staples within the market.

Patio at Rattlesnake Market wines - Facebook
Patio at Rattlesnake Market wines - Facebook

"There's a great selection of mains and burgers, as well as a rotating selection of weekly specials that tend to range from $15-25." (About The Patio at Rattlesnake, via Love Food)

  • "The Patio never disappoints. We both enjoyed the pork carnitas tacos. My salad was fresh and tasty and my husband's soup was rich and savory. For dessert we shared an affogato that was perfect."
  • "We loved the atmosphere of this lovely neighborhood restaurant. Both our meals were delicious and we ate every bite."
  • "We had an entrée salad and pan seared sea bass, both were outstanding! The wine list is short enough not to be overwhelming, but the choices are good and include some great values."

The Patio at Rattlesnake Market on Facebook

Patio at Rattlesnake Market interior - Facebook
Patio at Rattlesnake Market interior - Facebook

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