Chico Hot Springs Has Raised Their Prices SUBSTANTIALLY

Last August, I wrote about how DiamondRock Hospitality bought Chico Hot Springs for a CRAZY 33 million dollars. (Click on the link to read the article.)  At the end of my article, to quote myself, Tammie Toren, I said

What I worry about is out-of-staters buying up Montana, changing it, then pricing regular Montanans out of it.  Of all the people on earth, Montanans should have access to Montana places and things BEFORE anyone who is visiting.

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Chico Hot Springs, Pray Montana SOLD
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Well, Here We Go With Pricing Montanans Out

I had read a post on Reddit where a Montanan was talking about how they used to go to Chico every year, but when they went to book a stay this year, the room prices were 2-3 times what they were last year, and just a couple of months ago.

So I looked at July 22 and 23, 2024.  This is what they said:

A room in the main lodge with only a full bed, a sink and NO BATHROOM is $270 a night EXCLUDING taxes and fees.  WHAT? There. Is. NO. Bathroom. It's a FULL bed.  For a room with a king bed, spa tub and BATHROOM, it will run you $520 A NIGHT EXCLUDING taxes and fees.  For Chico.

Those are the new prices for Chico Hot Springs.

Chico Hot Springs Sign, Pray Montana
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Are People Who Don't Live Here THAT Stupid?

I really don't think they are.  Maybe I'M stupid.  That's a very real possibility.  But even someone who lives in Chicago knows that rate is complete BS, right? I mean, I was just in Chicago and there were bathrooms everywhere, and even the serial killer hotel I stayed at had a BATHROOM in the room.

What are they selling out-of-staters about Montana?

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Advice If You're Visiting Montana

That price is just insert-cuss-words-here CRAZY.  Nobody in Montana is going to try to charge you that and nobody in Montana owns that business.

These are rich out-of-staters trying to make a fool of you.

There are plenty of locally owned hot springs, hotels and resorts.  Do your research and stay there.  You'll save a HUGE amount of cash and have your very own bathroom.

Is Chico worth THAT money? Does it look like a $300-$500 a night resort? See for yourself here, then keep scrolling for more Montana Hot Springs options.

Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Montana

Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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