How Big Is Montana In Size?

As most of you of know, Montana is big, 4th biggest state in America to be exact about it.

Yet, have you ever really thought about how just how big that really is in comparison to other places around the world?

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Well, we thought about it and we were not alone as plenty of people on the Montana Subreddit had thought about it too.

Thankfully we have some truly great and talented cartographers in Montana that are here to help us understand.

Because before I saw what they showed me, I never truly understood, or maybe could even comprehend just how massive Montana really is in size.

What Is A Cartographer?

According to the website Indeed a cartographer is as follows:

A cartographer is a professional who makes maps to communicate spatial information. They gather data from geodetic surveys, satellite images and other methods to help governments with urban and regional planning and environmental condition monitoring. The field of cartography, or study of maps, combines science, technology and art to represent a geographical area.

I wanted you to know what one was so you'd know that what you are about to see is truly 100% just how big Montana is.

Although it did take some crunching of numbers until they were able to accurately represent the massive size of Montana.

Crazy how big this state really is
byu/kylo_long inMontana

First we had kylo_long try and show us that Montana was as big as South Africa, but then someone did the math and that someone was LIGMA_OPS.

Crazy how big this state really is byu/LIGMA_OPS inMontana

While we are getting closer to seeing the true size of Montana, it's kind of blurry.

So john4061 took it upon himself to really enhance the image quality to get a clearer picture and it's amazing.

crazy how big this state really is
byu/406john inMontana

It wasn't however until runningoutofwords really zoomed out for us to have our minds blown to the galactic size of Montana.

It's crazy ... byu/runningoutofwords inMontana

Okay, as you can tell, people were having some fun, and we thought just for fun you'd enjoy it too.

If you are curious as to just how big Montana really is, thankfully four_oh_sixer is here to show us.

It's crazy how big this state really is
byu/four_oh_sixer inMontana

Alright we promise this next one from elytraman is 100% accurate.

Everyone who’s posted this so far has been wrong, so here is the 100% accurate size of Montana compared to Africa byu/elytraman inMontana

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