7 Items Now Too Expensive To Buy In Montana

Recently I published an article about how good the Montana economy was doing, but in the comments on that story most Montanans said they did not feel that it was true for them and their bank accounts.

That is why when I read an article from Buzzfeed about items that people are no longer spending money on due to the price becoming too expensive it really resonated with me.

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Seems Most Montanans Are Struggling These Days

While I realize the price of things are always going to be going up, the way things have been going up lately has really hurt most Montana residents.

That means plenty of people are doing away with what some people would deem "frivolous" purchases.

These items are not necessary to survive, but we should be able to afford and be allowed nice things once in a while.

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What Items Are People Giving Up?

Now granted the Buzzfeed article was not just about what Montana people are giving up, but the top answers they gave were things that my circle of friends have talked about either cutting back on or have stopped buying completely.

I doubt we are alone in that regard as well, especially when it comes the follow seven items you'll see in the gallery below. 👇

Items now too expensive for Montana to spend money on

Buzzfeed recently conducted a survey that asked folks what they're cutting back on in an effort to try and save money. Although not everything on that survey relates to Montanans, the ones that mainly do are listed below.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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