For just about anyone raised in Montana, chances are you were raised on a diet of wild game meat. Montana has a giant hunting culture, and families all over the state rely on a good Fall harvest. Wild game meat is healthy, lean, and will feed a family throughout the Winter and into Spring.

Just recently, my son begged to dig out his most prized portion of meat from a deer he harvested last Fall. The coveted "backstrap" or loin steak. At 11 years old, my son was determined to take his prized venison and convert it into a gourmet meal. Inspired by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, my son decided that a "venison wellington" would be the best way to honor his harvest.

He handled everything by himself. Studied every video he could find from Gordon Ramsay on how to properly cook a "wellington." Carefully chopping up ingredients and meticulously wrapping his deer loin in a puff pastry. The finished product? Heavenly! So much so, that we debated just how much someone in New York would pay for a venison wellington that was cooked by an 11-year-old chef.

During my little chef's research, we stumbled on other recipes that Gordon Ramsay had for preparing venison. Coming from someone who always had access to venison, and has become almost an expert at preparing the perfect deer steak, I was a little perplexed by one recipe in general.

In Gordon Ramsay's cooking show, The F Word, he demonstrates an interesting recipe for venison that has this Montana hunter scratching his head.

Venison with Chocolate Sauce?

Every Montana chef who loves wild game knows that you should never overcook a steak. The lean venison will quickly turn into boot leather if you are not careful. Gordon Ramsay appears to have done a great job cooking the steak in the following video. The part that is different from anything I have eaten is the addition of a chocolate sauce.

As bizarre as the combination sounds, I feel that this is something I could see myself trying after a successful hunt. My son and I have both agreed that we plan to make something gourmet at least once from any deer we harvest in Montana next Fall.

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