The Bozeman School Board originally picked Westlope to be the name for Bozeman's new high school that is set to open in 2020. The new name, however, was met with much criticism and pushback by the community at large, so the school board opened the naming process up for a second time.

Now, after giving the public a chance to weigh-in once more by taking an online poll, along with other internal polling of students and staff, the name of Bozeman's new high school will be Bozeman Gallatin High School.

The vote was passed 7-0 at Monday evening's school board meeting.

The online poll that residents of Bozeman were provided gave them five names to choose from. They are as follows:

  • Westslope
  • Spanish Peaks
  • Storm Castle
  • West High
  • Gallatin

9347 votes were counted. The community voted:

  • Gallatin 43%
  • Spanish Peaks 19%
  • West 17%
  • Storm Castle 14%
  • Westslope 9%

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